Here are some resources that help us in our homeschool adventure and some NEW sites we have found that look like fun. I will continue to add to this list daily as I find more and have time to add them.

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool                 Easy Peasy All In One High School

Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool FB Page   Easy Peasy 7th Grade FB Page                                   

Easy Peasy 8th Grade FB Page                        Texas Easy Peasy Homeschool FB Page

High School Easy Peasy Facebook Page          Easy Peasy All-in-One Support Group FB Page

Extra Resources for Easy Peasy FB Page         Cross and Quill Homeschool Resources

Easy Peasy All In One Blog Roll                       Good Work Academy

Homeschool Movie Club                                  Savings Lifestyle

The Happy Housewife                                      Hip Homeschool Moms

First Class Homeschool                                   Home School Book Fair

A Classic Housewife                                        Jelly Telly

Home Schooler's Resources                             Liberty's Kids